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I'm really busy for my job today. I'm always sorry for you about blog updating and management.
I'll keep focusing on update.

This pretty girl is 'Alice' in wonderland.

I got an inspiration about her from American Mcgee's alice. In that work, she use a kitchen knife for a weapon. she use it with her little hands. But that's not powerful, and not sexy.

So I fixed her knife's location. On her boots, not her hand. Now she has a devastating power. Her flexibility of legs and kicking skills increases knife's power by 20 times.

Nobody can stop her in wonderland.
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  2. Kicking angels
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Finally Found another Good Alice Fanart!

But Sadly, I Think the Link or File for This Drawing Seems Broken, Dawww, Damn. Could you Please Fix or Post the Drawing One more time, Good sir?
I Really want to see This Drawing, Badly.
  1. 2010/10/27(水) 13:36:10 |
  2. URL |
  3. ogrude #DFpoEcIg
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oh, How weird. After I Post the Comment, The Drawing just Came up to Show. Brrrr, It gave me goosebumps!
anyway, Very Nice Pose, ;)
  1. 2010/10/27(水) 13:38:07 |
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  3. ogrude #AkQ3BUHc
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