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--character profile--

Her name is Lee Hye-rin.

She is a private bodyguard and assassin.

she has very long & bewitching legs. Especially her thighs makes feeling likes smooty silky touch.

She do not use any weponary when engaging with her enemy. All she uses is only her beautiful legs.

In addition, she wears only miniskirts and highheels.

Her expertise is Taekwondo. Her long legs and flexibility make her kick deadly.

when she kicks with her long & beautiful legs, her 11cm highheel change into lethal weapon.

Her leg is so fast and flexible, she can kick her target 10 times or more with in 3 seconds

Nobody can stand her lethal, merciless, cruel kick combo.

her sharp highheel tears up her target's skin and breaks vital bones.
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