kicking beauty



She was a famouse race queen in japan

Sometimes I imagine her on the boxing stage

there is an special event match : a boxing champion VS racing girl

there is a funny rule. boxing champ can only use his punch. racing girl can only use her kick

this game was planned like entertaining show. but match begins, it was an brutal, bloody beat-up.

boxing champ threw punch to racing girl like playing. but she is serious.

she kick him with her long legs. his punch cannot reached to her. because her leg was really long.

her highheel crushed his nose.

She continue kicking with her nicely curved sexy leg. showing her white panty to her opponent.

only he can do is guarding her kick and showing her curves of thigh and cute panty.

but guarding cannot reduce her lethal kick combo's damage. even guarding, his body stumbled by her stunning power.

her kicks was really powerful. he'd never experienced that striking power before. even heavy-weight champ's punch was softer than it.

finally her platformed highheel breaks his guard and smashing his jaw. he was KO in 1 round.
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