My character from online game



My character from online game.

She has a extremly powerful kick skill.

her kick smashing and throw away her victim's body almost 5meters or longer.

It can kills any monsters instantly only one blow. and also can destroy rocks or pillars, wood.

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  2. Kicking angels
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nice kicking. :D
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What is the online game?

What is the online game?
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Great draw

Great Job, I´m waiting your next Kick Girl Graw. Your draws are fantastic :)
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  3. Metalman222222 #lNOQ8lbY
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I found sexy woman kick man her legs on games.

Japanese game GodHand is very good.
woman enemy attack Gne her legs. It is very sexy!

Garnet [The Rumble Fish]
She fights only kicking.
Her legs and high kick is very sexy!
↑Her color is not default.
↑This is default color.

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Re: No title

thanks for found these girls. Deny.

they are really sexy.

I already knew about garnet. she has extremely powerful kick combinations. nobody will survive from that cruel kick combinations. I also like her uniform. she wears very short one-piece. so everyone can see her legs and thighs. that was so sexy for nursing someone.and my favorite thing about her is this irony, that is she is a nurse but she loves beat down someone using her legs.
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Re: What is the online game?

> What is the online game?

It called' 마비노기 영웅전' in Korean

It's a Korean online game .but I also heard that It launched in U.S recently .
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