Martial arts on the tenniscourt

Girl's legs are absolute beauty. but they are also deadly weapon.

Girls, particularly trained kicker's kicks are really powerful.

It can break your ribcage and puncture your lungs, or burst your intestine, or cause severe brain damage with only one smash.

Girl's kicks can even overwhelm man's physical strength.

I think the only way girls can beat up man and kill them with bare hands is kicking.

I get an article about self defense for women from an old Taekwondo magazine.

Look at her kicks and LEGS!


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  2. Kicking angels
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Nice post

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  3. zzname #TqrmSO5I
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the world hungers for more!
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Man-killer girls are in my dreams!

I'm a man, and fantasize about being killed by the legs and ass of a hot girl in a short dress. I hate the usual scenario in movies where the girls get dominated and prefer them to turn the tables on aggressive men.
Nice work, Your artwork is getting good, from paying attention to the female form no doubt. I draw my own fantasies as well, but wouldn't want my mum to see them!
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  3. Ray #/Mm9G8IM
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Re: Man-killer girls are in my dreams!

thank for visit. Ray. I wish to visit that forum board. and I really want to see your work. please share that for us if you not mind.
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  3. SSTN #-
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Re: No title

Sorry for update. I'm really busy these days
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a question

i really like your work. I have a question. ¿How can I enter to Destructive beauty site?
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this site is amazing! I like this.
But is it still active?
If so, I have many topics to tell you. I want to talk about Gyakuryona with the webmaster.
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  3. killhiguchi #-
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