Kicking Racequeem


Her name is Sin So-young
She is a professional race model. Her secret hobby is seducing someone with her beautiful curve of thighs and enjoy kicking them really hard.

She propose to someone if he stand her attack (probably with only her legs) in 10 seconds, he win and she will gives her whole body to him for 10 minutes.

but if she beat down him in 10seconds, she'll take a his wallet.

Her kick is really fast and powerful so there was no opponents can stand over 10seconds in front of her raging kick combo .

Most of them, passed out in 3 seconds. Some tough one, may be stand for 5seconds . really tough guys can 7 seconds.

But Her kick is going to really harder and harder when hey stand longer. So all of who can stand over 5 seconds are in the coma.

If she seduce you, please do not try to stand her kick. Probably you will be killed by her absoulte beauty.

If you stand -

over 3 seconds : Cracked rib, Throwing up, Concussion

over 5 seconds : Skull fraction, Severe brain damage, Rupture of Spleen,

over 7 seconds : Die instantly. Become a vegetable
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I´m fan of this kind of pics, I hope find more
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