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Still Alive


Hello everyone.

I'm still alive.

I've been busy for last few years. actually I'm still busy right now.

I feel guilty about abandoning my blog, and your concern.

This is a result of my recent activity. ENJOY

Topic:Panchira Kick - Genre:AdultContents

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  2. Kicking angels
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Martial arts on the tenniscourt

Girl's legs are absolute beauty. but they are also deadly weapon.

Girls, particularly trained kicker's kicks are really powerful.

It can break your ribcage and puncture your lungs, or burst your intestine, or cause severe brain damage with only one smash.

Girl's kicks can even overwhelm man's physical strength.

I think the only way girls can beat up man and kill them with bare hands is kicking.

I get an article about self defense for women from an old Taekwondo magazine.

Look at her kicks and LEGS!


Topic:Panchira Kick - Genre:AdultContents

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  2. Kicking angels
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Racequeen with Taekwondo


Taekwondo is a leathal martial arts. It consists of enormouse kicking skills.

It teachs how to kick down your targets effectively and quickly.

Taekwondo is especially useful for girls.

because girls have a flexible pelvis and a waist that optimized to kick . girls legs have almost same muscular strength as mans.

Beside, when you kicking , flexibility and balancing are critical factors for impulse of kicking.

And you know girls have suprerior body about these factors than man.

Most of Racequeen has really long and beautiful legs . Their bodys are born to kick.

If they trains Taekwondo , It will be a deadly combination.

Topic:Panchira Kick - Genre:AdultContents

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  2. Kicking angels
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latest work

'Sara from beautyleg'

she was a motive of this picture

She is a famouse leg model in taiwan.

I saw her biography on website. and there was a something interesting about her expertise.

expertise : Taekwondo

may be she can actually kill someone like this picture.



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